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by Ann Elizabeth Wilder

You think you deserve to know about those times because it is history,
but it is my life, you weren't there, and I get to say what happened there.

A grave statement, and I take it seriously because I was not there.

On the other hand - going to where there is a void when one is privileged to have time and resources to record history is also a valid point.

A balance between the two concepts above is the sense of integrity I try to bring to this website.

The information within site starts with Gairy times and generally ends on the 19 October 1983 when Maurice Bishop was executed.

After 19 October 1983, the number of people and sources reporting and analyzing events increased. Much of this material is found online - the formation of groups after the 19 October Tragedies, the attempt to organize the Government of Grenada, the presence of U.S. and Caribbean forces, the trial of those called the "Grenada 17" and the legal points of contention.

Though there is some interpretation and analysis in the pages ahead, my intention has been one of historical journalism. One will find information outside the general time period of 1970-1983 remaining on this site, but serving a practical purpose. I attempt to present original documents in full. I aim for presenting 'facts' as they are reported by multiple sources.

I look towards Grenadian journalist Alister Hughes and RGPF's Special Branch Head Winston Courtney as my mentors. I add Professor Verne Edwards of Ohio Wesleyan University, Edward R. Murrow, Ed Bradley, and other luminaries of 'who, what, where and when' journalism. I realize we are of the 'old school' because current news stories move towards interpretations and analysis.

Another intent of this website is preservation of information in all its specificity. Many costly-to-obtain documents are not available to anyone else but scholars, yet these remain important pieces of Grenada's history. Most all statements and all documents on this website come from printed sources. They are not cited on this website.

Thirty-four volumes of Grenadian history in chronological order, primarily from printed sources, 1970 through 19 October 1983, are completed with almost every sentence cited. The Grenada Chronicle series is a non-profit, fair use, educational vehicle of preservation with royalties to the Grenada National Museum. Look for the "Grenada Chronicles" series at

Ann Elizabeth Wilder

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