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Was Grenada a 20th Century
Marxist-Leninist New World Society?

There are people and books that can match up events during the time of the People's Revolutionary Government to ‘prove’ that Grenada was just such a 20th Century Marxist-Leninist New World Society.

EPICA Task Force in their book Grenada: The Peaceful Revolution marks the changes in the consciousness of the Grenadian masses:

They have become more revolutionary. To a great extent the new government has lived up to or even exceeded popular expectations in terms of material improvements. But support for the revolution has broadened and deepened in a way which reflects more than enthusiasm for material benefits.

The EPICA book also asserts:

The PRG's success to date [1982] is directly connected to its broad-based appeal to the revolution's active concern for all the people in Grenada. the process which is unfolding in Grenada is not the triumph of a specific class, race, political party, or narrow social sector, but a coming together of the whole Grenadian people for the first time in their history.

In 1982 Lyden Ramdhanny, Deputy Finance Minister, addressed U.S. Congressmen with this statement:

Reckless talk of repression and the totalitarian left is a complete misrepresentation of the truth and must be considered a fabrication of major proportions.

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