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Links to the 34 volumes of the Grenada Chronicles on Amazon are active.

The proceeds from the sale of these 34 volumes goes to the Grenada National Museum.

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Becoming Revolutionary
Volume One
Grenada 1970-1972
Volume Two
Jewel, New Jewel 1973
Volume Three
Way to Nationhood 1973-1974
Volume Four
NJM Shapes Party; Gairy's Power 1974
Volume Five
The Duffus Inquiry 1975
Volume Six
Unity Struggle; Fiscal Crisis 1975
Volume Seven
General Elections 1976
Volume Eight
OAS and UFOs 1977
Volume Nine
Belmar; NJM Military Planning 1978
Volume Ten
NJM Takeover of Government 1979
Volume Eleven
NJM Forms Government 1979
Volume Twelve
Coke Factory Strike 1979
Volume Thirteen
Torchlight Newspaper Closed 1979
Volume Fourteen
First Anniversary 1980
Volume Fifteen
Bomb Blast 1980
Volume Sixteen
Trouble in the Hills 1980
Volume Seventeen
Massacre at Plains 1980
Volume Eighteen
Second Anniversary 1981
Volume Nineteen
Grenada Voice Shutdown 1981
Volume Twenty
Destabilization Fears 1981
Volume Twenty-One
Solidarity Conference 1981
Volume Twenty-Two
Third Anniversary 1982
Volume Twenty-Three
Reagan in Barbados 1982
Volume Twenty-Four
Line of March 1982
Volume Twenty-Five
Assessment Time 1982
Volume Twenty-Six
Fourth Anniversary 1983
Volume Twenty-Seven
Soviet Contacts; PM Trip to USA 1983
Volume Twenty-Eight
NJM Unravels 1983
Volume Twenty-Nine
Sep-Oct Mtgs 1983
Volume Thirty
Last Days 1983
Volume Thirty-0ne
19 October 1983 - The End of NJM
Volume Thirty-Two
Miscellaneous One
Volume Thirty-Three
Miscellaneous Two
Volume Thirty-Four

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