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Bibliography of the Grenada Revolution

Many books, reports, dissertations, magazine and newspaper articles have been written about the Grenada Revolution. A complete bibliographical listing would include over 8,000 entries of books, documents, journal and newspaper articles. Please link to Finding Resources to track additional information you can discover for yourself.

The titles listed in this bibliography are a selection. Some titles are included because the authors were 'players' in the history of the Grenada Revolution. Because a certain title is listed does not mean the document is recommended.

Certainty is never going to be achieved about what happened. Nevertheless, we can aim for 'hard' information - for notorious facts.

An article related to Grenada without facts, or one which throws in selective facts, is commonplace in the literature of the entire period. Be watchful for cherry-picking of facts, writer's self-preferred information, stacking the deck and for those tricky qualifiers. See if you can spot political agendas. Useful advice is that it is dangerous to read history backward. The saying 'a thousand possibilities don't make a fact' holds true in matters related to Grenada.

Bob Woodward, author of "Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA 1981-1987," includes this quote by Ken Auletta in his "A Note to Readers":

No reporter can with 100 percent accuracy re-create events that occurred some time before. Memories play tricks on participants, the more so when the outcome has become clear. A reporter tries to guard against inaccuracies by checking with a variety of sources, but it is useful for a reader - and an author - to be humbled by this journalistic limitation.

Raw data is inconvenient. The ambiguities and the facts of differing realities makes one feel unsure. Just because you don't know the facts does not mean they don't exist. One person can quote facts and come up with a varying conclusion from another person who is using quoted facts.

Facts are not dogmatic assumptions; for example, the knee-jerk assumption that the CIA is behind every action. Yes, the CIA has a history and you can list it, but not everything bad that happened in Grenada is the result of the CIA. Don't give the agency that power. Incompetence often trumps conspiracy.

Facts require evidence in varying forms, but most valued is evidence in recorded form. Facts do not tolerate numerous inconsistencies. Facts are not a substitute for prejudice or preconceived conclusions.

The books in this bibliography contain many 'facts' and many claims of 'facts'. Even corroboration of a 'fact' may not be true in the case of documentation related to the Grenada Revolution because some writers copied their 'facts' from other writers who claimed they had the 'facts.' Thus we observe an accumulation of 'Grenada Revo Myths.' The possibility for error is a serious challenge for the history of Grenada. One can see errors running through the non-fiction histories of the Grenada Revolution. For the sake of history, please CONTACT so the information can be checked, and double-checked, then checked again.

What other means do we have for establishing facts? If a democracy needs an accurate history, how do we work through the passions, rumors and facts of the Grenada Revolution? Within the kernel called 'hearsay' or 'rumour' is often a truth. On the other hand, just because one 'heard' it, even if one 'read' it, might not make it true.

One way to settle these matters relating to truth or what really happened is to celebrate a sense of balance with facts, to try to be fair. An additional way is to respect complexity, to abide with the unsurety of things.

The optimum path to achieve a sense of how things were in this vital history of Grenada is to use source documents, find multiple corroboration, interview people, give critical consideration to the source, keep an open and creative mind, quote sources, use common sense, try not to interpret everything read as 'gospel truth' and avoid being sure one has all the answers. Matters are far more interesting in their varying shades of gray than in plain old black and white.

With the Grenada Revolution there are no easy answers.

Collections and Concentrations

In the United States and the Caribbean, there are collections and concentrations of Grenada material. The major ones are listed below. You can visit each of these institutions, but it is imperative you check as each has its own rules and procedures. Link to Finding Resources to obtain research technique information.

The Georgetown Collection; Special Collections at Georgetown University; Lauinger Library, on the southeast corner of the campus at 37th and N Streets N.W., Washington, DC

The National Archives II [NARA II], The Grenada Documents Microfiche Collection; 4th floor, College Park, Maryland, plus the RG242 Seized Documents Collection on the 2nd floor.

The [North American Congress on Latin America] NACLA Archive Collection [Grenada] can be found at many universities. A good research starting point, the two microfilm reels concentrating on Grenada [1974-1987] are "composed of ephemera and serials relating to socioeconomic and political conditions." The NACLA Collection is different from the journal published by NACLA of that title in which some issue articles concentrate on Grenada.

The United States Army War College, The Urgent Fury Collection, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania

The University of Florida at Gainesville, The Latin American Collection, Smathers Library, Gainesville, Florida

The University of Texas at Austin, Benson Latin American Collection, General Libraries, Austin, Texas

University of West Indies, Marryshow House Library, H.A. Blaize Street, St. George's, Grenada [now air-conditioned/humidity-controlled].

Primary Sources

Primary sources are first-hand accounts—speeches and broadcasts, official and unofficial documents, statistics, newspaper articles of the period, recounts and memoirs. These are the 'I Was There' stories. The source is telling the 'facts' and 'opinions' as seen from their point-of-view. Self-congratulation? OK, if that's what the author invites. Fudging the particulars of events? Yep, that is what some of us do. Lying by omission? Never a good policy, but sure it happens. The point here is that even though the document is a primary source, this does not make for certain truth.

The challenge of primary sources written by Grenadians about the Revo period is there are so few of them.

Bernard, Callistus, They Could Only Kill Me Once, Hibiscus Publishing, ©2006

Bishop, Maurice, Forward Ever! Three Years of the Grenadian Revolution: Speeches of Maurice Bishop, Pathfinder Press, ©1982

Bishop, Maurice, In Nobody's Backyard: Maurice Bishop's Speeches, 1979-1983: A Memorial Volume, Zed Books Ltd., ©1984

Bishop, Maurice, Maurice Bishop Speaks: The Grenada Revolution, 1979-83, Pathfinder Press, ©1983

Bishop, Maurice, Selected Speeches, 1979-1981 Ediciones Casa de las Americás, n.d. [1981; 1982]

Clarridge, Duane R., A Spy for All Seasons: My Life in the CIA [chapter on 'The Grenada Episode'], Scribner, ©1997

Crozier, Brian, edited by, The Grenada Documents, Sherwood Press Ltd., 1987

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Gilmore, William C., The Grenada Intervention: Analysis and Documentation, Facts On File Publications, ©1984

Grenada Committee on Human Rights, Report on Human Rights Developments in Grenada [1970-1982], The Grenada Committee on Human Rights, November 1982

Grenada Foundation, Inc. George Louison and Kenrick Radix Discuss Internal Events Leading to the U.S. Invasion of Grenada, ©1984

Hughes, Alister, compiler, Violations of Human Rights in Grenada for Human Rights Research Project of the Caribbean Conference of Churches, August, 1977

Layne, Ewart, We Move Tonight: the Making of the Grenada Revolution, GRMF [Grenada Revolution Memorial Foundation], via CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ©2014

Lewis, Sybil Farrell and Dale T. Mathews, (compilers), Documents on the Invasion of Grenada, Institute of Caribbean Studies, University of Puerto Rico, 1984

Martin, Tony, edited with the assistance of Dessima Williams, In Nobody's Backyard: The Grenada Revolution in Its Own Words, Volume I: The Revolution at Home, Majority Press, ©1983

Martin, Tony, edited with the assistance of Dessima Williams, In Nobody's Backyard: The Grenada Revolution in Its Own Words, Volume II: Facing the World, Majority Press, ©1985

McBarnette, Colville, compiler, Allegations of Human Violations in Grenada - Part 1 November, 1974 to July, 1977, Part II August, 1977 to February, 1978, Part III March, 1978 to May, 1978 - for Human Rights Research Project of the Caribbean Conference of Churches

McBarnette, Kamau, My Mother and I: the Epic Story of Grenada, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ©2014

Menges, Constantine C., Inside the National Security Council: The True Story of the Making and Unmaking of Reagan's Foreign Policy, [Chapter on 'Grenada'], Simon and Schuster, 1988

Ortiz, Frank V., Ambassador Ortiz: Lessons from a Life of Service, University of New Mexico Press, ©2005

Purcell, Joan M., Memoirs of a Woman in Politics: Spiritual Struggles, Agape Foundation, Grenada, ©2008

Ras Herb, Rehabilitation or Death [" . . . an account of the events which took place from the 25th to the 27th October 1983, from 'I' personal stand point."], Anansi Publications, St. George's, ©1991

Romerstein, Herbert and Michael Ledeen, Grenada Documents: Overview and Selection, U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense, U.S. Government Printing Office, September, 1984

Scoon, Paul (Sir), Survival for Service: My Experiences as Governor General of Grenada, Macmillan Caribbean, ©2003

Seabury, Paul and Walter A. McDougall (eds.), Grenada Papers: The Inside Story of the Grenadian Revolution, Institute for Contemporary Studies (ICS) Press, ©1984

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Shultz, George P., Turmoil and Triumph: My Years as Secretary of State, [Chapter on Grenada], Charles Scribner's Sons, 1993

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Victor, Teddy, Deception on Conception: What Happened in Grenada 1962-1990, Mid-Atlantic Highlands, an imprint of Publishers Place, Inc., Huntington, WV 25701, ISBN-13: 978-09840757-3-7, ©2014

The Grenada Documents

Current Listing of Bishop Speeches

The Books of Fedon Publishing
and the
[Grenada] Government Information Service (GIS)

fedon publishers logo The Peoples Revolutionary Government published many titles under the name Fedon Publishing. Handsome paperbound books, they were filled with excellent graphics, photographs and text celebrating different aspects of the Revolutionary programmes and events and people. The Government Information Service (GIS) also published documents. The GIS printed and issued most speeches by Maurice Bishop. Weekly releases were available free from the GIS office at Butler House.

First International Conference in Solidarity with Grenada, November 1981; People's Revolutionary Government, Grenada Is Not Alone: Speeches by the People’s Revolutionary Government at the First International Conference in Solidarity with Grenada, November, 1981., Fedon Publishing, ©1982

Hodge, Merle and Chris Searle, (eds.), Is Freedom We Making! The New Democracy in Grenada, Fedon Publishing, (1982)

Peoples Revolutionary Government, Re: Stanley Cyrus and James Herry., Government Information Service, 1981.

Peoples Revolutionary Government, In the Spirit of Butler: Trade Unionism in Free Grenada., Fedon Publishing, (1982)

Searle, Chris (ed.), Carriacou and Petite Martinique: In the Mainstream of the Revolution, Fedon Publishing, (1982)

Searle, Chris and Don Rojas, compilers; editorials, interviews, ‘To Construct from Morning': Making the People's Budget in Grenada, Fedon Publishing, (1982)

Major Secondary Sources

These authors under the category Major Secondary Sources worked hard for their supper. They accumulated material from various sources, ordered and styled a narrative, respected copyright and the best of them attributed the source.

Adkin, Major Mark, Urgent Fury: The Battle for Grenada, Lexington Books, ©1989

Beck, Robert Joseph, Grenada Invasion: Politics, Law and Foreign Policy, Westview Press, ©1993

Brizan, George, Grenada: Fortitude and the Numan Condition, Republic Bank Limited and CL Financial Limited; Paria Publishing, Trinidad ©2001

Brizan, George, Grenada: Island of Conflict, Macmillan Education Ltd, ©1998

Cole, Ronald H. Operation Urgent Fury: The Planning and Execution of Joint Operations on Grenada, 12 October—2 November 1983, Joint History Office; Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff; US Government Printing Office, ©1997

Collins, Merle, The Governor's Story: authorised biography of Dame Hilda Bynoe, PeePal Tree Press Ltd., ©2013

DaBreo, D. Sinclair, The Grenada Revolution, M.A.P.S. Publication, ©1979

Grenada: The World Against the Crime, Editorial de Ciencias Sociales, ©1983

Griffith, George, The Gairy Movement: a History of Grenada, 1947-1997, ©2015

Jacobs, W. Richard and Basil Ian Jacobs, Grenada: The Route to Revolution, Casa de las Americás, 1979, ©1980

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Pryor, Frederic L., Revolutionary Grenada: A Study in Political Economy, Praeger Publishers, ©1986

Sandford, Gregory, The New Jewel Movement: Grenada's Revolution, 1979-1983, Center for the Study of Foreign Affairs, Dept. of State Publication, U.S. Government Printing Office, [1985]

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Williams, Gary W., Prelude to an Intervention: Grenada 1983, Journal of Latin American Studies, Volume 29, Number 1, February, 1997

Williams, Gary W., U.S.-Grenada Relations: Revolution and Intervention in the Backyard, Palgrave Macmillan, NY, ©2007

Serials/Periodical Publications

More than wants to be counted in this bibliography, articles on the Grenada Revolution appeared in publications, main-stream to alternative; from the National Review to Time magazine; from Soldier of Fortune to the Intercontinental Press/Inprecor; from the New York Times to local newspapers usually carrying wire-service reports. Below are selected major periodicals. See Periodicals for leads to others.

Caribbean Review, Miami, FL, Volume 12, Number 4, Fall 1983

Hughes, Alister [columnist], Caribbean Monthly Bulletin, Institute of Caribbean Studies, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, 1975-1984 (monthly).

[Hughes' Grenada section within Caribbean Monthly Bulletin was taken from issues of the Grenada Newsletter—see below].

Hughes, Alister [columnist], Grenada Newsletter, published by Alister and Cynthia Hughes in Grenada, established in 17 August 1973 until 1994.

Jarvis, Robin [editor], The Nation: Special Supplement - The Bishop Killers/Bishop Trial Report, Bridgetown, Barbados, December 1986

Pierre, Leslie [editor], The Grenadian Voice, St. George's, Grenada

Small Axe: a Caribbean Journal of Criticism, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN, Number 22 corresponding to Volume 11, Number 1, 2007, a recent issue "On the Subject of Grenada" with contributions by David Scott, Merle Coillins, Edward L. Cox, Nicole Phillip, David Omowalé Franklyn, Susan Mains, Susan Meltzner, Oliver Benoit, Michael DeGale, Christene Clarkson, Canute Caliste, Meg Conlon, Esther O'Neale, Shirley Brathwaite, Jim Rudin, and Ron Sookram

The BOMB weekly newspaper, San Fernando, Trinidad, circa 1970 - 11 June 1982

See also Newspapers During the Time of the PRG
Specialty Secondary Sources

Many books were published in the 1983-1984 period and later. They have a definite point-of-view, of varying emphasis, expressed throughout the text. Not to disclaim their worth, these titles are useful within the scheme of Grenadian history.

Ambursley, Fitzroy and Robin Cohen, (eds.), Crisis in the Caribbean, Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, ©1983

Ambursley, Fitzroy and James Dunkerley, plus the Latin American Bureau, Grenada: Whose Freedom, Latin American Bureau (Research and Action) Ltd., ©1984

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Cotman, John Walton,The Gorrión Tree: Cuba and the Grenada Revolution, Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., ©1993

Dujmovic, Nicholas, The Grenada Documents: Window on Totalitarianism, Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis and Pergamon-Brassey’s International Defense Publishers, ©1988

Dunn, Peter M. and Bruce W. Watson (eds.), American Intervention in Grenada: The Implications of Operation “Urgent Fury”, Westview Press, Inc., ©1985

[The] Ecumenical Program for Interamerican Communication and Action (EPICA) Task Force, Grenada: The Peaceful Revolution, EPICA Task Force, ©1982

McFarlane, Robert C., Special Trust, Cadell & Davies, ©1994

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Puri, Shalini, The Grenada Revolution in the Caribbean Present: Operation Urgent Memory (New Caribbean Studies), Palgrave Caribbean, ©2014

Ra'anan, Uri, Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr., Richard H. Shultz, Ernst Halperin and Igor Lukes, eds. Hydra of Carnage: The International Linkages of Terrorism and Other Low-intensity Operations - The Witnesses Speak, Lexington Books, ©1986

Searle, Chris, Grenada: The Struggle Against Destabilization, Writers and Readers Publishing, ©1983

Searle, Chris, Words Unchained: Language & Revolution in Grenada, Zed Books Ltd., ©1984

Tafari, Ikael, Rastafari in Transition: The Politics of Cultural Confrontation in Africa and the Caribbean (1966-1988), Volume I, published 2001 by Research Associates School Times Publications/Frontline Distribution Int'l Inc. and Miguel Lorne Publishers, Jamaica, ©2001 Ikael Tafari

Valenta, Jiri and Herbert J. Ellison (eds.), Grenada and Soviet/Cuban Policy:Internal Crisis and U.S./OECS Intervention, Westview Press, 1986

Wagner, Geoffrey Atheling, Red Calypso: The Grenadian Revolution and Its Aftermath, Regnery Gateway Inc., ©1988

Ancillary Subject Sources

Subjects run parallel, focus on one person/subject, or are helpful to understanding Grenadian history of the period from 1970-1984 - Caribbean histories, biographies of Grenadians, Grenadian histories outside 1970-1984 (especially the Gairy regime), cultural and political movements, and profiles/writings of Caribbean persons.

Allahar, Anton L., editor, Caribbean Charisma: Reflections on Leadership, Legitimacy and Populist Politics, Lynne Rienner Publishers, ©2001

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Bell, Stewart, Bayou of Pigs: The true story of an audacious plot to turn a tropical island into a criminal paradise, John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd. ©2008.

Best, Lloyd, Black Power & National Reconstruction: Proposals following the February Revolution, Tapia House, (1970)

Brathwaite, Shirley Romain, Cacademo Grant: Hero of the People's Revolution, A CPE Production, Government Printery, Grenada, June 19, 1983

Brizan, George I., Education and Productive Work; during the regime of the People's Revolutionary Government, Grenada,
, [1983], [2003]

Brizan, George I. and Michael Jessamy, St. George's: The Prettiest Town in the West Indies, Design and Layout: Paria Publishing Company Limited -; printed by Caribbean Paper & Printed Products Limited, 2004

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Report of the Duffus Commission of Inquiry into The Breakdown of Law & Order, and Police Brutality in Grenada, (Duffus Commission, Kingston, Jamaica, 27 February 1975) - See also on this site the complete Duffus Report

[Rodney, Walter], And Finally They Killed Him: sketches and poems at a memorial rally for Walter Rodney (1942-80) Oduduwa Hall, University of Ife Nigeria, Friday June 27, 1980, jointly produced and published by the respective Editorial Collextives of 'Socialist Forum', a Marxist Journal for Social Change in Nigeria, and 'Positive review', a Journal of Society and Culture in Black Africa. All proceeds will go to the widow and children of hte late Walter Rodney and the Working People's Party of Guyana.

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Novels, Docu-Novels, and Poetry

Fiction, based closely on events in Grenada related to the Gairy/Grenada Revolution period (even if not cited), including the undocumented history of docu-novels, provide an important narrative link to the times. Poetry adds its own special charms especially when read aloud before groups, or closely for your heart.

Brand, Dionne, Chronicles of the Hostile Sun, Williams-Wallace Publishers Inc., ©1984

Campbell, Dunbar, Blood of Belvidere, Dunbar Campbell, ©2013

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Gray, Mayo L'Oiseau, Savage Season, Fawcett Crest, ©1978

Jules, Didacus and Valerie Cornwall, eds., Tongues of the New Dawn: An Anthology of Poems: Festival of the Revolution, March 10-13, Grenada, s.n., Modern Printing and Graphics, 1981

Paterson, Maurice, Big Sky, Little Bullet: A Docu-Novel, revised edition '96, [s.n.] [Grenada], ©[1996]

Paterson, Maurice, Big Sky, Little Bullet: A Docu-Novel, , [s.n.] [Grenada], ©1992

Paterson, Maurice, [The] Future of the Past: A Tri-Story Publication, [s.n.] [Grenada], ©1991

Paterson, Maurice, So Far, So Mad: Four Factional Stories, [s.n.][Grenada], ©1994

Pendleton, Don, Don Pendleton's Executioner Mack Bolan: Death Wind, Worldwide, ©1989 [for fun]

Roberts-Squires, Maria, October All Over, Heinemann, ©2005

Shacochis, Bob, Swimming in the Volcano, Charles Scribner's Sons, © [1993]

Thomas, G.C.H., Ruler in Hiroona: A West Indian Novel, Macmillan Caribbean, © [1972], 1989

Waugh, Alec, Island in the Sun: A Story of the 1950's Set in the West Indies, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, ©1955 [also in video, filmed in Grenada]

Whyte, Winston Michael, Burning Embers; or the Poems of a Prisoner, Dorrance, ©2003


Photographers/filmmakers of the Grenada Revolution were Wayne Carter, John Douglas, George Lewis, Martin Ken Lewis, Richard MacDonald, Courtney McKie, Michael Miller, Joe Sylvester/Pablo Sylvester, Kevin Williams, Arthur Winner, Alvin Clouden and others.

If you have any contributions to this site re: names of photographers, or photographs, please click here

Potentially Forthcoming New Books

Word has it the people below are writing non-fiction or novels about the Grenada Revolution and Grenadian history. One can assume these people could use publisher contacts, printer recommendations and funds to maintain their livelihood during the writing process and to get their work printed and/or published. Definitive biographies are needed for Maurice Bishop and Eric Matthew Gairy, among others. Narratives of NJM youth and Gairy forces have yet to be published, among other stories vital to the culture and history of Grenada. Write down your stories. Support the writers. Get these stories in print before it is too late.

A new edition of Under the Cover of Darkness, by the Young Leaders of Presentation Brothers College, St. George's, Grenada,
is reportedly available in Grenada. Any financial aid you can extend for its printing, please contact Brother Robert Fanovich. Any workable plan for distribution outside Grenada is welcome.

Budhlall, Kennedy
Cherebin, George
Fisher, Jeanne
Frederick, Eddie
George, Hudson
Jessamy, Michael
Noel, Lloyd
Polack, Peter
Viechweig, Ray

Bibliography of the Grenada Revolution - Maurice Bishop Library
Bibliography of the Grenada Revolution - NJM Research Library
Bibliography of the Grenada Revolution - Political Study Groups - The PRG Years
Bibliography of the Grenada Revolution - Political Study Groups - The Early Years
Bibliography of the Grenada Revolution - Legal Matters

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