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State Flag of Mississippi, USA Grenada, Mississippi

If you search the Internet on Grenada,
you may discover
Grenada, Mississippi, USA.

The origin of the name of this town and county is not known at this time.

Grenada, Mississippi, is the seat of the county named Grenada in north-central Mississippi about 113 miles north-northeast of Jackson. The city Grenada was formed in 1836 and the county Grenada in 1870. Both the city and county of Grenada were formed through mergers of previous cities and counties with other names.

The early history of Mississippi includes Hernando de Soto's expedition into Mississippi in 1540. Because the Spanish explorers found no gold or silver in the region then went elsewhere. After the U.S. War of Independence, the Spanish returned to possess Natchez, Mississippi and the surrounding area until 1798 when the U.S. Congress created the original Mississippi Territory.

The name ‘Grenada’ - in Mississippi - may be derived from its early Spanish history.

State Flag of California, USA Grenada, California

If you search the Internet on Grenada,
you may not come upon
Grenada, California, USA, but its there.

This Grenada is a small town in Northern California in Siskiyou County. As of 2000, the population was 351 people in 139 households.

If you are searching for Grenada in the Caribbean, try the keywords - “Grenada not Mississippi” or “Grenada -Mississippi” - to filter your found entries - might have to filter out Grenada, California.

and then there is Granada in Spain . . . but that is another story.

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