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Rudolph Garfield Ogilvie [1957-2001]

Rudolph Ogilvie died 2 April 2001 in Trinidad after a long bout with stomach cancer. He was in his prime at forty-three years of age. He left his Rosa and his family. He was mourned by many.

Ogilvie was born 15 December 1957, and by age 14 in as early as late 1971, he was distributing JEWEL, the newspaper of the Joint Endeavour for Welfare, Education and Liberation; most likely a first issue.

According to Paterson, in 1972, Ogilvie joined the staff of the "Torchlight" newspaper. He was a printer and the Technical and Allied Workers Union [T.A.W.U.] shop steward. In 1978 Ogilvie was fired from "Torchlight" "in the interests of morale and productivity". The NJM said the firing was for political reasons, and reported in their 28 August 1978 edition of "Exposure" that the day after Ogilvie was let go "Christopher Henry (better known as 'Sandfly') attempted to defend Ogilvie against this unjust dismissal. He was promptly fired also!"

Around 1977, Ogilvie clerked for the Human Rights and Legal Aid Centre working with Barristers Maurice Bishop, Kendrick Radix, Tillman Thomas and Kamau McBarnette.

One source claims Ogilvie was one of "forty-six (46) Grenadian patriots and revolutionaries who stormed Gairy's True Blue Barracks . . ."

The account of Paterson [who it appears interviewed Ogilvie] discusses Ogilvie's next activity at the end of March 1979.

Paterson writes in "Big Sky, Little Bullet revised" that Ogilvie

" . . . was one of a selected number of cadres sent on specialized courses in Guyana [March 1979]. By year's end of 1979, he had completed a crash course in integrated training as soldier, policeman and firefighter. He received his commission as Cadet Officer from President Cheung of the [Guyanese] Republic. He returned to meet a victorious revolution."

Certainly from early on, Ogilvie joined the People's Revolutionary Army (PRA). He moved up the ranks from headquarters Logistics Officer to Captain in the Interior Department to supervisor of militia training at Camp Boney to Lieutenant.

Lt. Ogilvie commanded a Guard unit under active fire during the landing of US troops 25-26 October 1983.

A deep interest in the future of Grenadian Calypso and calypsonians led Ogilvie, in the early 1980s, to the Executive of the Grenada Progressive Calypso Association (GPCA), an organization he was active with until the time of his death.

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