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Norris Bain [1934-1983]

Norris 'Chiney' Bain was born 28 September 1934 - Diploma in Business from Bennet College; formerly Civil Service in Grenada Forestry Department for 15 years. Grenville business ownership and management started in 1970 - general hardware, sports equipment, insurance, car radio and automotive equipment, ballroom in Grenville - successfully contested a seat in 1976 elections on the GNP party. GNP in combination with the UPP fought in those elections with the NJM under a common manifesto.

Norris Bain was one of 14 persons named to the Provisional Revolutionary Government (PRG) on 16 March 1979, very soon renamed to the People's Revolutionary Government. Norris Bain was never known to be a member of the New Jewel Movement. At a 25 March 1979 rally, Maurice Bishop announced that Norris Bain was to be Minister of Health and Housing. Dr. Bernard Gittens was announced as a Secretary to this ministry, responsible to the Prime Minister. At that time, Norris Bain was married with six children. One of his children, daughter Yolande Bain-Joseph, won a seat for the New National Party (NNP), St. Andrew South West, in the 2003 election.

Norris Bain was one of those executed at Fort Rupert on 19 October 1983.

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