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Newspapers, Newsletters & News Magazines [Active 1970-1983]

Before the Gairy Government Newspaper (Amendment) Act 1975

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Grenada Chronicle and Gazette

St. George's Chronicle


Grenada People


Federalist and Grenada People

The West Indian

The Torchlight


Caribbean Monthly Bulletin

Forum (and Cribou)

The Jewel

The New Jewel

The Grenada Newsletter

The Corn


Newspaper (Amendment) Act, 1975

The Newspaper (Amendment) Act of June, 1975 was passed by both houses of Parliament. The Act required all newspapers in the State to deposit $20,000 [with interest gained for the depositor] with Government if they wished to continue in business. Government said the Act was to license newspapers and provide a fund for potential libel judgments [libel under British law]. Other facets of this Act drew complications and additional fees, fines and penalties for publications.

After the Gairy Government Newspaper [Amendment] Act until the Peoples Revolutionary Government (PRG)
1975 - 13 March 1979

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The West Indian

The Torchlight

The Spark

The New Jewel [under various names, Vol. 1 No. 1]

  • The Message
  • Exposure
  • Fight
  • Guidance
  • The Light
  • The Investigator
  • The Cutlass

The People's Tribune

The Grenada Newsletter

Maurice Bishop, shortly after his return from the UK to Grenada in 1970 and following the Rat Island Black Power Conference that same year, wrote a proposal for the need of a newspaper in Grenada reflecting the views of the "people" and the need, on Grenadian soil, for a modern printery. Because Bishop's proposal is not titled, reference will be made to the first header Why A Newspaper?

Newspapers during the Peoples Revolutionary Government (PRG)
13 March 1979 -
October 1983

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PRG Government Releases

The New Jewel

The Free West Indian

PRG Newspapers of the Masses

  • Fight
  • Workers Voice
  • Pioneers Voice
  • The Cutlass: Fortnightly Paper of St. Andrew's New Jewel Movement Parish Council
  • The Fork
  • Media Workers Voice
  • The Cooperation
  • The Women's Voice
  • Scotilda
  • Fedon

The Westindian Crusader

Dateline St. George's

The Student Voice

Coptic Times

The Torchlight

Catholic Focus

The Grenadian Voice

The Grenada Newsletter

People's Law Number 81 of 1979
(26 October 1979 - Maurice Bishop, Prime Minister)

According to Dujmovic:

" . . . on 26 October [1979] the PRG issued People's Law 81, which limited ownership by one Grenadian to no more than 4% of the capital of a newspaper. In other words, 25 partners were thus required to operate a newspaper.

People's Law Number 18 of 1981
(19 June 1981 - Maurice Bishop, Prime Minister)

The law banned the publication of any new

. . . paper, pamphlet or publication containing any public news, intelligence or report of any occurrence or any remarks or observations thereon or upon any political matter, published for sale distribution or any other purpose . . .

The same evening of 19 June 1981, the second issue of the Grenadian Voice was seized, including office contents and supplies. See The Grenadian Voice and the PRG.

Journalist Detainees

Major newspaper figures, Alister Hughes and Leslie Pierre, were imprisoned by the People's Revolutionary Government.

Alister Hughes was detained by the People's Revolutionary Government forces on 19-20 October 1983 and "broke out" of prison 26 October 1983.

Leslie Pierre was incarcerated as a detainee from 11 July 1981 to 26 October 1983. In addition to Pierre, two Grenada Publishers Ltd. shareholders were detained from July 1981 until 26 October 1983 - Lloyd Noel and Tillman Thomas.

JEWEL founder Teddy Victor was detained 14 OCT 1979, released 25 OCT 1983. Free lance journalist Maurice Paterson was detained from 4 October 1980 and released 31 December 82. Eslee Carberry had many run-ins with the NJM and the Peoples Revolutionary Government. He was detained 25 March 1979 and then discharged.

Appreciation and acknowledgement to John A. Lent's interviews with Grenadian editors and program directors found in "Third World Mass Media and Their Search for Modernity" and the Journalism Quarterly article "Mass Media in Grenada."

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As early as 1970, Maurice Bishop was describing a newspaper; later, after the PRG/NJM was in power, a paper was written which detailed objectives in relation to the party [NJM] newspaper.

Why A Newspaper?
Role of "ISKRA"
Programme for Party Paper

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