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Karl Korte

A Personal Remembrance by Jill

Here is a little anecdote about Karl Korte:

We were warming a horse up for a race (him on the race horse and me on my lead horse), and everything was fine and the race horse was behaving nicely. They called for the horses to line up at the starting gate, and as we made our way into line, the horse that Karl was riding suddenly sucked back and reared up directly over me. When I looked back, all I saw were two front legs coming down on me.

Luckily Karl had the presence of mind to bail off the horse, and pull it over sideways with the reins at the same time. As it was, the horse's chest hit my back and pushed me down onto the neck of my horse. Luckily it was just at that split second that Karl pulled him off-balance or he probably would have broken my back or worse. Because of Karl's quick thinking, I never really bore the full weight of the horse on my back.

Afterwards, Karl told me that when the horse reared up, it was directly over top of me, and he couldn't even see me underneath. Karl took a big chance doing what he did, because the horse could easily have fallen onto him on the way over. I will always thank him for that.

Of course, Zeek didn't appreciate looking up to see his horse running loose on the race track, and immediately looked to blame me for it. Karl saved me again by telling Zeek that it wasn't my fault, and it happened so fast that there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. Thanks again Karl.

If you ever run across any information about his [Korte's] current whereabouts, I would appreciate if you would pass it along. It would be a blast to get in touch with him again, after all these years. I sort of drifted away from the race track world back in 1985 . . . I miss working with horses, but I really don't miss race horses.... they're a bit nuts to work around. A friend of mine has a barn and some horses nearby, so every now and then I go over there for a "fix".

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