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Irie Augustine Bishop [7 December 1931-????]

Irie Bishop disappeared 19 December 1978. His family searches for him to this day.

Irie Bishop
Photo courtesy of Floyd Peter Bishop

One of the most eloquent testimonials to Irie Bishop is written by Maurice Paterson in the preface to his book "Big Sky, Little Bullet" 1996 with a narrative as follows:

"Who took out Inspector Irie Bishop in December of '78? That one had a direct bearing on what the future had in store, coming as it did merely months before political uprising.

Questions many years later still unanswered. Rumours that stubbornly refuse to cancel out. Questions that any responsible journal of the period need ask, even at the risk of perpetuating a rumour that is actually untrue, nonetheless expresses the continuing public need for an answer.

Inspector Bishop had recently completed plans to emigrate to the United States when he disappeared one December night, leaving his wallet and gun on his unmade bed. It was said that he had gone fishing, but it was also said that he had been seen entering a car outside the downtown Police station. He was one of the officers, it was also said, who could not be used or manipulated by others, no matter whom.

Fingers had begun to point right there in the Service when disgruntled police officers began to push for a more serious inquiry into the Inspector's disappearance. Rumours, one after another, began a crab-race competing with each other. A senior officer who was conducting his own inquiries was said to have been threatened.

Irie Bishop had been killed while drinking in a well-known 'Mongoose' bar, and his body had been fed in small pieces to the Point Salines sharks from aboard the coast guard. He had been killed for being an undercover agent of the communist JEWEL, and he carried the same name of the JEWEL leader-was why his body had been used in obeah sacrifice.

One 'official' Police theory was that Irie Bishop had been fishing off Ross Point, right there at the mouth of the Carenage harbour, and had tried to intercept a small boat that was carrying arms, and had to be silenced.

The JEWEL themselves could well be responsible. Their war plan being to create discord in the Police service, his disappearance followed on the heels of the assassination of another inspector not long before.

That Irie Bishop had 'disappeared' - overtones of El Salvador and Argentina - was the one indisputable fact.

There had been an investigation of sorts when the new government took power four months later. A person had been detained (the owner of the 'Mongoose' bar) but there had been no charge. Meantime his many children would have to face the future unassisted. Forget Article 39 of the Geneva Convention. In war the child victim was a necessary by-product. There would be no college or university degrees for his children now, say what. The matter was buried. Long live his memory!

If a Police Inspector could vanish into thin air, then clearly the environment was becoming unsafe for anyone. A conclusion that still applies seventeen years later.

This book is dedicated to the memory of Inspector Irie Bishop."

For a Report gleaned from written accounts about Irie Bishop, please click More About the Disappearance of Irie Bishop

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