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Innocent Belmar

Innocent Belmar hailed from Birch Grove, St. Andrew's. He entered the Grenada Police Force in 1956 and was a Constable for 13 years. In 1969, Belmar started a series of advancements from Corporal/1969 to Sergeant/1970 to Inspector/1972 and to the commissioned rank of Assistant Superintendent (ASP) in 1973.

The events of 18 November 1973, often called Bloody Sunday, saw ASP Belmar as the officer in charge of the Grenville Police Station. According to the Duffus Report -

"The evidence disclosed two differing versions of the circumstances under which the Six men [Bishop, Austin, Whiteman, Strachan, Radix, Daniel] were taken into police custody.

On the one hand, the evidence points to high-handed and brutal conduct on the part of police and police aides, whatsoever may have been their fears or motivation;

and on the other, to a suspicion of possession of firearms and ammunition which led to a search of their two motor cars in which were concealed a .303 rifle and .303 ammunition and 15 revolved bullets of another calibre."

Belmar was murdered Wednesday, 4 January 1978. He was killed by gunshot on the porch of the Bamboo Bar in Adelphi/Birch Grove, St. Andrew's while he was drinking with others, including Robin Renwick, head of the Grenada Nutmeg Cooperative. He had been appointed Minister of Agriculture in the GULP government that very same day.

Who assassinated Innocent Belmar remains a controversial topic to this day, as if most people who know, do know, but are not talking.

Following Belmar's murder, there was a trial with a charge of murder against Kennedy Budhlall and Lauriston Wilson. Both men were acquitted. Mrs. Eileen Belmar testified, among others, that Budhlall and Wilson had nothing to do with the murder of her son. In court, defending Budhlall and Wilson were Barristers Maurice Bishop, Kendrick Radix and Lloyd Noel. The prosecution was represented by Nathaniel King.

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