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Gail A. Reed

Most likely it was at a Venceremos Brigade Camp in the early 1970s that Julián Torres Rizo, director of the Cuban delegation to the Venceremos Brigade Camps met his future wife Chicago-born Gail Reed.

Ambassador to Grenada Julián Rizo's wife Gail Reed, a journalist and writer for the Cuban publication GRANMA, arrived in Grenada during August 1979. According to Schoenhals who was in Grenada from August 1982 through May 1983, Gail Reed was ". . . very popular in Grenada. Driving her Soviet-built Lada with her little son Juliencito at her side, she would pick up hordes of Grenadian children on their way home from school."

Ambassador Rizo of Cuba and Mrs. Rizo paid a special visit to St. George's University on 28 August 1980. When St. George's University School of Medicine held its first graduation in Grenada on 24 May 1981, Gail Reed Rizo was the invited guest, along with Governor-General Sir Paul Scoon, Vice Chancellor Geoffrey Bourne, Mary King (Mrs. Peter Bourne), Dr. Peter Bourne and Reed's husband Ambassador Julián Rizo, among many others.

Before Bishop's tour of the US in 1983, Gail Reed wrote to Maurice Bishop on tactics to use with the U.S. press. Reed suggested Bishop liaison with Sanchez Parodi of the Cuban Interest Section in Washington.

On Bishop's return from Eastern Europe on 08 October 1983, one account has him met by Gaston Diaz and Gail Reed. Multiple accounts report Julián Rizo arrived with Bishop on the flight leg from Cuba to Grenada. Obtaining a solid verification of this information, like a passenger manifest or an interview with one of the passengers, is a challenge.

The day after Bishop was executed, on 20 October 1983, Rizo, his wife and Cuban embassy personnel were distributing copies of Cuba's position in the crisis, including the announcement of official mourning on the death of Bishop.

Rizo, his wife and famly returned to Cuba. In 1992, Gail Reed is author of "Island in the Storm: the Cuban Communist Party's Fourth Congress" [1991]. She is a contributor to the New York City-based organization publishing Cuba Update.

Gail A. Reed M.S. is a graduate of Emory University School of Nursing. Her area of concentration lies in Cuba's community-based health care system. She made a presentation with Dr. Peter G. Bourne of St. George's University and others in 2001, and undoubtedly made others. Reed is Editor of MEDICC Review:


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