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Cecil Prime, 1959-

Cecil Prime

Cecil Prime grew up in Carriacou. He is the youngest of six children of Rita and Walter Prime. Prime, who was known by the nickname 'Dumpy,' graduated from Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS) in St. George's and shortly thereafter joined the Peoples Revolutionary Army (PRA). Born in 1959, Cecil Prime is the father of two children. He was detained in November 1983 by US forces and was incarcerated in Richmond Hill Prison until 27 June 2007. He was a member of what is called The Grenada 17, prior to his release.

Never a member of the Central Committee, around 1988 Prime wrote a short biographical sketch of his military career:

"I was a soldier on the morning of March 13, 1979 (up) to the invasion of this country. Very early in the Revolution in 1979 I received preparation for combative disposition at Grand Etang. In 1980 I was cadetted to the Armed Forces; in that same year I became Commander of the Grand Etang Company, Camp Marryshow.

There were three companies at that time. As a soldier and officer in Grand Etang, I was attached to Hope Vale by the Director of the first Armed Forces Training School established in this country. As a soldier from Grand Etang after the training school, I returned to Grand Etang and there I became a member of the General Staff of the People's Revolutionary Army and the Chief of Artillery of the Armed Forces of Grenada, Fort Rupert. There I assumed office as Chief of Artillery of the Grenada General Staff of the Armed Forces. There also in 1981 I became an Officer of the Operations Section of the General Staff where I was responsible for planning.

In 1982 I was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant, still on he General Staff, Chief of Artillery, Officer of Operations [and in May, 1981] I was appointed Commander of the third military region which includes St. Patrick's, St. Mark's, St. Georges. I was appointed Deputy Chief of Operations responsible for planning combative positions of the Armed Forces in Grenada. I held that position upon the invasion of this country.

Quotation from "The Frame-Up of Cecil Prime: Five Years of Crimes Against A Grenadian Patriot," Friends for Jamaica, 1989 by Friends for Jamaica.

During Prime's imprisonment, he studied Accounting.

Cecil Prime was released from Richmond Hill Prison 27 June 2007. See Grenada 17.

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