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New Martyrs, New Heroes, New Patriots
(19 June 1980)

An important Radio Free Grenada broadcast by Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. The speech was given the evening of the tragic bombing at Queen's Park. Below is the complete text from the original Government Printing office document sold under the cover title of "A United Conscious Organised Vigilant People Can Never Be Defeated:"


"Good evening Sisters and Brothers of Free Grenada. Today imperialism struck its most savage, its most brutal, its most cowardly blow against our Revolution. Today a monstrous crime was committed by imperialism and its local agents. Today is a sad day for our country. Today is a day when we gather together to commemorate, as we have been doing, another important Anniversary: On this occasion the Anniversary of Butler and Strachan, two of our National Heroes. But before the day was ended, and even while we were commemorating the lives of these two outstanding Comrades, we find now that in the future, on the 19th of June we will also be commemorating New Martyrs, New Heroes, New Patriots of our Peoples' Revolution and of our struggle.

At this point, two young Comrades of our country two young sisters are dead; murdered by these cowards. Murdered by these vicious beasts of imperialism. At this point two more people of our country are gone. The way in which this incident took place was that a bomb was planted at the foot of the steps of the pavilion of the Queen's Park. It was planted in such a way that it was directly below the point where the leadership of the country was sitting down. It was timed to go off at 3 :00 o'clock and at 3 O'clock, it did go off. The fragments which were collected by our security forces indicate that the clock was connected to sticks of dynamite, and indicate also that it was done in a very sophisticated way. In a way that indicates very clearly that they received training. This is not local technology. This is not the way of our Grenadian people.


We must know too, that this was not just an attempt to kill the leadership of our country. Important as that would be, important as it would be for any of these reactionaries and these murderers to wipe out the entire leadership at one time, we must note that the plan here went even beyond that. Because in the attempt at trying to wipe out the entire leadership of the country, these murderers were prepared to kill dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of ordinary Grenadians. In our situation only imperialism could be responsible for this.

Can one think of an ordinary Grenadian counter revolutionary being prepared entirely on his own to wipe out hundreds of innocent Grenadians, while at the same time trying to kill the leadership? Can one think of an ordinary Grenadian agreeing to plant a bomb in a Rally of thousands of Grenadians? When we consider the list of those who have died, those who may yet die and those who are injured, some very seriously, some in a critical way, you can get an idea of the point I'm making.

At this point two young women of our country, thirteen year old Laurine Phillip of River Road, and twenty-three year old Laurice Humphrey of Byelands are dead. Murdered. Blown to pieces by this bomb. At this point also, two other young children, two other young people of our country, both Baileys, both of the River Road/ Tempe area, one eight years old, one fifteen years old, are lying in a very critical condition. One has lost her leg, the other one has serious injuries to the back and buttocks, blown off by this deadly bomb [Fifteen year old Bernadette Bailey has since died]. Two more people are also in a serious condition; in fact, in the last few hours, our valiant doctors and nurses have performed six operations and we hope and pray that no one else will die as a result of this savage attack. Thirty-eight more of our citizens are right now hospitalized, lying in our St. George's hospital, unsure whether they would live or whether they would die. Several dozen more people have been treated and have been discharged, and we hope that their injuries will not prove to be serious.


Today's events Brothers and Sisters, Comrades, remind us of the history of other countries like our own which have faced the might and the fury of imperialism. Today's events remind us of Chile, remind us of the time when the Pinochet fascist gang killed hundreds and thousands of innocent Chileans in September 1973. We remember the football park in Chile where innocent people who were on a hit list prepared by Pinochet and his imperialist allies were rounded up and brought to this park and there brutally murdered. We remember the torture which followed, torture which extended not just to the workers, not just to the fighters and the leaders of the party but extended to the middle classes, extended eventually even to priests and nuns. Torture knew no bounds. No one was safe from these criminals. We remember too, our Brothers and Sisters in Jamaica. We think of the Orange Lane fire of May, 1976 in Jamaica when dozens of people were shot: when a fire was started and when children were being carried out of that fire the gunmen shot them back into the building to roast. We recall that just a few weeks ago on the fourth anniversary of the same Orange Lane fire, another fire was started in Kingston, Jamaica.; this time the Eventide Old People's Home, when more than one hundred and fifty old people were burnt out, were killed. Who was responsible? Only imperialism and their local reactionary agents.

We think of our Comrades in Cuba at this time. We remember the many struggles, the many trials, the many tribulations of our Cuban Comrades. We think of their heroic sacrifices; we think of their courage. We recall "The Bay of Pigs" when U.S. imperialism trained Cuban exiles in Miami and backed them up and sent them to Cuba with the intention of turning back the Revolution. They were routed by the brave heroic people of Cuba. We think of the blowing up of the ship "COUBRE". We think of the October 1976 Air Cubana disaster when seventy-three innocent people travelling on a Cuban plane were blown out of the skies in order to appease the revenge and the thirst of imperialism. We think of the "pirate ship" attack on Cuba. We think too, of the dozens and dozens of unsuccessful assassination attempts on the Cuban leadership and in particular on our friend and Comrade, Fidel Castro. Comrades, we think of Vietnam where thousands and millions of people were killed and massacred by U.S. imperialism. We think of the Mylai massacre in the early 70's when innocent people were rounded up during that notorious war and brutally murdered, women and children, all innocent people.


Tonight, it is important for us to try to put into context what today's events mean, because today's events did not just drop out of the skies by accident. Today's events are part of a total unfolding plan aimed at the destruction of the Grenada Revolution; aimed at the wanton devastation of our country, if we choose not to continue along the old submissive and exploitative path that Gairy and his mignons pursued. We think of the history of U.S. imperialism. We think of the days when the gunboats ruled the world; when you landed marines in someone else's country: Arbenz in Guatemala in '54, Dominican Republic in '65 and dozens of other examples. We think of the occupations and the annexations of other people's territories, particularly in our region, in Latin America and the Caribbean. We think of the assassinations of Sandino the Patriot of Nicaragua, of Allende, the hero of Chile, of so many other martyrs of this region who had to die at the hands of imperialism.

We think of the scientific way in which they have evolved a new concept which they have called destabilization: a concept aimed at creating political violence, economic sabotage; a concept which when it fails, eventually leads to terrorism. We think of the attempts to use local opportunists and counter revolutionaries—people who try to build a popular base, people who fail in building that popular base, and people who as a result of having failed to fool the masses then turn to the last weapon they have in desperation: the weapon of open, naked, brutal and vulgar terror—having given up all hope of winning the masses, these people now turn their revenge on the masses. They now seek to punish the masses, to murder them wholesale; to plant bombs in the midst of Rallies; to try to break the back of the popular support of the Revolution; because imperialism was frightened and terrified by the Grenadian masses on March 13, 1980 when 30,000 of our people gathered in one spot to celebrate one year of People's Victory, People's Progress, People's Benefits. They were terrified by that, and as a result they now seek to intimidate, to bullpistle, to brow beat, to frighten and terrorise the masses to get them to be afraid to assemble, to get them to be afraid to continue to build their own country in their own image and likeness.

We think of the October/November plots last year. We remember what De Ravinere (sic) and his gang had in mind for our country, the slogans they were using, calling upon NATO—NATO which our people know nothing about, calling upon the C.I.A. We remember their plans to try to bring back the dictator Gairy, we remember their plans to try to burn down St. George's to slaughter innocent people, to use the very same bomb, that today some of them were able to use. We remember the Budhlall gang which surfaced a few months ago; their pretense at being honest people, their pretense at being in support of the ordinary working and poor masses, Their pretense at being revolutionaries. We think of this gang that believes our Revolution is like instant coffee, where overnight changes ran come. This gang that pretends that no benefits have come to the masses, when in fact, their real aim was to take over the country in order to spread their own ideas, in order to push a marijuana society. We think of this crowd. We think of their weapons. We think of the plan they had to take over one of the P.R.A. camps to try to subvert and influence some of the comrades in the People's Revolutionary Army. We think of their counter revolutionary demonstration. We remember that only last week, one of them, Russel (sic) Budhlall, elder brother of Kennedy and Kenneth Budhlall, when his home was searched by security forces, hundreds of bullets were found; AK 47 bullets, M16 bullets, sticks of gellignite: only last week, brothers and sisters.


We think too, at this point, of the numerous death threats, some on the telephone, some in letters, coming directed to different members of the leadership. Threats so vulgar and so gross, that half the time we are unable to even finish reading these notes. We think of people like Stanley Cyrus who continue to try to plot and plan and scheme and who hope that one day they will be able to return this country into the hands of imperialism. People who are willing to use any amount of violence aid bloodshed to try to overturn the Revolution, because they recognize, and recognize quite clearly, that the people are the Revolution, and that the Revolution is the people. That the Revolution is popular and strong and deeply rooted in the masses. They understand that reality. They know that after tasting fifteen months of people's participation and people's benefits that the people will fight back. And therefore, the only alternative to the Revolution at this period in our history is bloodshed, terrorism, open, naked, violent fascist dictatorship; that is the only alternative.

We think of those who have called our Revolution a temporary obstacle in their path. People who choose to campaign at this time on the question of Grenada. We think of those who have referred to Grenada and Suriname as "temporary obstacles", and just weeks after that statement, our Suriname brothers and sisters find that their country has been invaded. We think of all these things. We think of the solid shield 1980 exercises which were planned by the Americans; plans which included the use of more than three hundred and fifty ships, several planes, more than twenty thousand marines. Plans which included invading the territory of Cuba, going on to Guantanamo to stage the operations. Plans which included learning and practising how to mine the Caribbean sea so as to be able to block off our country, and other progressive and revolutionary countries in the region, in any kind of situation. We think of the recent nuclear war alert that took place in the United States when, because of a mistake in a computer—a mistake which took four minutes before it could be discovered—the world came very close to nuclear destruction and nuclear confrontation. We think of the war mongerers, of those who recognize the crisis now afflicting international capitalism, of those who see their super-profits being drained away, of those who recognize that only if they are able to get a war economy moving again, to build more and more armaments and weapons of destruction, only in this way will their super-profits rise, and in pursuit of dollars—in pursuit of more and more profits—they are willing to destroy innocent children, innocent women.

Comrades we have to recognize that this is a new stage, we have to recognize that what we are seeing, what we saw today represents a new and higher stage in the plans of counter revolution. Their desperation is now complete. This act and exhibition of gross and naked and vulgar terrorism which we saw today was aimed at frightening and terrifying our people into submission. What we saw today comrades, was aimed at trying to reduce us into cowards, was aimed at trying to force us to return to the old days when they were able to dominate and exploit our country.


We must note very carefully that our Revolution was for justice, for food, for health, for housing, for clothing, for pipe borne water, for education, for people's control of our resources, for people's participation. Our Revolution was and is anti-imperialist. We are against the naked exploitation of our own resources for the benefits of a small minority of big multi-national corporations and their backers in the big powerful governments. Our Revolution was and is anti-Colonialist. Our Revolution was and is in favour of the National Liberation Movements, in favour of the new International and Economic Order which aims at bringing social and economic justice to the poor and over exploited countries of the third world.

This means that our Revolution is for the poor in our country, for the working people in our country, for the youths and women in our country, for the middle classes in our country, for the small and medium businessmen and farmers in our country, for the fishermen in our country. In fact, as we have said over and over again, this Revolution has room for all of us, once we are patriotic, once we are prepared to end our exploited days.

Think of who has benefited from the Revolution. What has the massive distribution of free milk to all children under five years meant, the massive distribution of milk to children in schools, to mothers in homes—islandwide: who has this benefited? What about the increase in scholarships, the one hundred and nine university students who are now studying abroad to become doctors and engineers, to become agricultural scientists and what not, who is benefiting from that? The fact that secondary education fees have now been chopped from thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents down to twelve dollars a term, who will benefit? The extra scholarships given to secondary school children. The fact that the debts that Gairy owed to the University of the West Indies are now being repayed, who will benefit? Look at our recent People's Budget. If one-third of our people no longer have to pay taxes, many of those earning up to five hundred and ten dollars a month no longer have to pay taxes, who is benefiting from that? We are to think of these questions sisters and brothers. Twelve million dollars is being spent in this years' budget on health and nine million dollars on education. The National Commercial Bank which now aims at utilizing the savings, the financial resources of our people in our own interest. Who is going to benefit from that? The National Importing Board has so dramatically reduced the price of sugar and cement and rice and kept that price stable, because while we sell sugar today at fifty cents a pound, in several territories in this region the cost of sugar has gone to beyond a dollar a pound. And if it were the same old monopolist stall controlling sugar, Grenada, sugar could not be selling for less than one dollar twenty a pound. It is the masses, it is all of the people, except the tiny handfull of exploiters that you could count on one hand and their foreign imperialist backers, apart from this tiny minority, it is the masses of our people who have benefited and are benefiting.


Imperialism is afraid of this situation. They are worried about their its. because dollars is the only god that they worship. They are afraid of the example of the Grenada Revolution and what it can do by way of indicating what a small and poor country with a small population and limited resources can do for its people if the people are serious about their own development, if they are willing to take their destiny into their own hand, if they are willing to stop looking outwards to the imperialist world and instead look to the problems, the needs, the resources of their own people and their own country, and willing to use resources to benefit their people. They are afraid of the loss of control and the exploitation which they were able to bring in the past. That is why our country is being attacked. That is why the United States considered, in the first few weeks of the Revolution, having a naval blockade against our country. That is why the ex-Ambassador, Ortiz, tried to organize a "human rights campaign", as he called it, against our country. That is why we were able to tell you last year about the pyramid plan that the C.I.A. had worked out, a plan of destabilization, a plan of assassination, a plan of bringing terror to our people.

But this country is our country. These resources are our resources. We have a right to choose how we are going to build our country. We have a right to determine who our friends are. We have a right to end exploitation in our country. We have a right to bring justice to the poor and food and work to the poor people of our country. We have a right to use our country, to use our labour and our resources to build our country. That is why we must fight back. That is why we cannot sit down and accept the plans of imperialism and local reaction.

Sometimes sisters and brothers a people are called upon to fight back, to, draw on hidden or inner reserves of strength that they do not know that they have, to demonstrate extraordinary courage in the face of adversity, to fight back against what might appears to be impossible odds. Sometimes people are called upon to do these things. We are confident that as a result of today's monstrous crime our people will emerge stronger, more united, more vigilant, more powerful than imperialism and its local terrorists and stooges. We are confident that a united and determined people can never be tuned back. We are confident that a well organized and conscious people can never be frightened, can afford to be brave, can afford to stand on our feet and face the world. In any event, revolutionaries do not have the right to be cowards. We have to stand up to fight for our country because, the country is ours. It does not belong to anybody else.

Our first task in this new situation is to protest, to consolidate, to defend our Revolution. We have warned over and over again of the danger that our country faces, we have pointed out on hundreds of occasions that imperialism will, not "may", but will attack our country. We have pointed out that there is absolutely no doubt in our minds that imperialism and local reaction will keep plotting and scheming. We have said that Revolution has laws; that one of the laws is, that the more progress the country makes, the more benefits that are brought to the ordinary masses of the country, the more resistance you will see from counter revolutionaries and from imperialism. Some have doubted this. Some have felt that we are spending too much time talking of imperialism, that we are spending too much time looking for counter revolutionaries, that we arc talking too much about the possibility of our country being attacked and our people murdered. Some dis-believed (sic) the word of the Revolution, but now they know, now they understand, imperialism and local reaction, they know no boundaries. They draw no lines. They make no distinctions between killing people and killing animals. It is the same to them. The mercenaries they hire are quite correctly called "dogs of war". Because when they come they do not look to see if it is a man or a woman or a child, they do not look to see if it is a soldier in uniform or a cripple on a bed, or an infant resting in its mother's arms. They do not make these distinctions.


And we have to be honest tonight comrades, and point out. that is only the beginning; that what we have seen today can happen again; that is a fact of life and because it is important for our people to always know the truth, to face the facts, we must point it out. Remember that just as Bloody Sunday in November 1973 was a signal to our country, that worse was to come and worse did come; 21st January, 1974 Horror Monday, when our people were massacred, when one man Rupert Bishop was murdered; June 1975 when our Comrade Kendrick Radix was brutally beaten in the streets; 1977, 19th June when young Alister Strachan, another patriot of our Revolution in our cause was murdered because he chose to stand up for his rights. Think too of that connection Gairy was building with the Chilean facists (sic). Now, when we remember Bloody Sunday forewarned us of all of this, in the same way, we must realize that 19th June, today 19th June, 1980 is a warning and an indication to us of the possibility and the likelihood of more attacks, more desperation more terrorism by imperialism and local reactionaries and counter revolutionaries.

And it must also be a signal to us of a greater need for more and not less vigilance, for more and not less alertness, for more and not less preparations. Now more than ever our people must be the eyes, the ears and the noses of the Revolution. Now more than ever our people must redouble their efforts at vigilance, must be more and more on the lookout for the opportunists, the reactionaries, the counter revolutionaries. Now more than ever our people must look out for imperialist attacks, for the possibility of more and more planes flying over our air space in open violation of international law, as if they own our country. If we had a plane and sent it to fly over their countries they would shoot it down. But they believe they have a right to just come to our country and fly over as they wish. But we repeat the warning tonight that the comrades in the P.R.A. are able to use their anti-aircraft weapons and when unauthorized crafts fly over our plains, our lands, without permission, we reserve the right to do what they would do, shoot them out of the skies.

Tonight we must be conscious of the need for us to continue to patrol our beaches and our lands, not just broadly and roughly speaking, but every square inch of soil that we have in this country must be carefully watched. The only way in which we can avoid a repetition of what happened today is if we are more alert, if we are more watchful of suspicious activity, if we keep looking at people with parcels, for example, that seem to be behaving in an odd way. If we re-double our look outs on important buildings in our country, if we greatly increase, not by doubling or tripling, but increasing by a hundred times the Militia that we now have in our country; if we step up and strengthen on the popular defense forces of our country, not just the People's Revolutionary Army, not just the People's Militia, not just our people in uniform therefore, but all of our people must now prepare for a people's war to defend our country against local attacks and foreign invasions. All people who love our country must be willing to defend our country.


Today we saw signs of the greatness of our people. We saw signs and reminders of the courage, of the discipline, of the vigilance of our people. We saw that today. We looked at the orderly way in which our people left Queen's Park after the bomb attack. We noted their concern for the leadership of the country, the number of our people who came and surrounded us and made sure that we got out. We noted the deep concern of our workers for the women, for the children, for the elderly. We noted most of all today, the fact that the people of our country came forward with information telling us what they observed, who they believed put the bomb, when they believed the bomb was planted: important intelligence information on which the security forces have acted and right now are still acting. Several arrests have already been made. Interrogations are right now going on, and in fact, right now as I speak to you a number of our soldiers, policemen, militia comrades, members of the security forces are presently in St. Paul's in Mt. Airy at the headquarters of counter revolution, at the home of a man called Strachan Phillip, the present leader of the counter revolutionary gang in our country.

Acting on information which we received in Queen's Park, and also going on previous surveillance of Strachan Phillip and his tiny minority band of counter revolutionaries, our security forces went to arrest Strachan Phillip tonight and they were greeted with a hail of bullets, gun fire all over the place. Our soldiers, our security forces had to duck and run for their lives at first, and then of course they fought back. And up to when I left to come down here to make this address that fight was still going on. That battle of our forces, of our people in uniform against the forces of counter revolution was still being waged. We must be conscious of this because something that you do not yet know which I will say tonight, is that we have firm evidence of a direct link between these local counter revolutionaries and a number of other counter revolutionaries and agents of imperialism residing abroad, some in countries not too far from here. We have a fair amount of details of the plans of these elements. And what we say to them is, let today be a warning, that whenever they choose to come to land in our country to try to turn back the People's Revolution they are going to be wiped out. They are going to be dealt with without mercy. The same lack of mercy that today they showed when they planted their bomb, that same lack of mere, that same firmness, but on this occasion revolutionary firmness, will be used to deal with them.


Starting tomorrow, recruitment team will be going around to all work plus, to ail villages, to all schools. These recruitment teams will be aiming to recruit at least twenty thousand more Grenadians to become members of our Militia to mobilize our people for a state of war, to put our people on a war alert, to put them in a situation of serious preparation for defense of our country. We expect and look forward to the fullest cooperation of all teachers, of all employers of all our people generally as we start this massive recruitment drive, because at this stage the only guarantee against external attack and internal sabotage and subversion and terror is if our people are ready, able and willing to fight to defend our country. We need to defend our schools. We need to defend all our key buildings, we need to defend our coastlines against any attacks. And the P.R.A. and the Militia as presently constituted cannot do that by themselves, All of our people now need to move to the stage of learning how to defend the country with guns in our hands. So when any of them land in this country with the intention of overturning our Revolution they will understand that what they will meet is a fighting and combative people. A people prepared to die, to defend their county. So if they must win, what they will inherit is a barren and scorched country. We must be prepared to defend our country. Only the people can do that, only the people can defend this Revolution and defend this country because this country belongs to the people, this Revolution belongs to the people. But even as we put ourselves on full alert it is necessary in this year of education and Production that we continue to pay a lot of attention to building our country, to producing more, to bringing all of the a hands that we have under heavy productive manners, to get the marriage of idle lands and idle hands going. The bridegroom of idle lands with the bride of idle hands must produce the children of more production, more food, more skills, more jobs, more dollars for our country. We must not allow ourselves to fall into the trap of beginning to relax, because that is also one of the plans of imperialism, to use terror, to frighten and to intimidate, and to make us forget about production. We have to continue to produce.


Our Martyrs, the past Martyrs Alister Strachan and Harold Strachan and Jerry Richardson and Rupert Bishop, and our present Martyrs, Laurine and Laurice, they all expect us to continue to struggle to make sure that their deaths were not in vain. They expect more discipline of us, more production. They expect an end to corruption, an end to inefficiency. They expect a Militia of twenty thousand or thirty thousand people that is prepared to wage a people's war to save our country and to protect it and to defend our Revolution.

As we sympathize tonight, sisters and brothers, comrades, with the Phillip and Humphrey families, as the entire nation hopes and prays that the young Bailey children will survive, we must at the same time redouble our faith and conviction that imperialism must not, succeed. We must, as a people, be prepared to fight back, we must as a people, even as we sympathize and condole with the families of those who have been robbed of their children tonight, never forget that the greatest honour any patriot can pay to himself or his country is to die for his country. There is no honour greater than test. So yes, we sympathize, but at the same time we note that new national heroes have emerged, that new national heroes have sprung up out of the struggle of our people, and the funerals of these young martyrs will be our people's response. We must assemble in our thousands to honour those who died today and to show by our numbers, not just the quantity, but in terms of the quality of our response, give imperialism and reaction the answer that they will not be expecting: that we have not been cowed, we have not been frightened, we have not been intimidated. But we are prepared to continue to struggle in the recognition that the struggle of the freedom-loving people of Grenada, that the struggle to build the Grenada Revolution is a historic task which our country is shouldering, which we are doing not just for ourselves in Grenada but for the entire region, for the entire Third World, because freedom and struggle and revolution and social progress are indivisible, cannot be separated.

Freedom-loving people throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. are looking forward to the Grenada Revolution, want to see it succeed. Deputy Prime Minister of St. Lucia, Brother George Odlum, rang me a few hours ago and he expressed the deepest solidarity of the people of St. Lucia. They have expressed the solidarity in words and they plan to back it with deeds. Comrade Bobby Clarke of Barbados, well known to Grenadians is at this very moment in time, in Barbados at a rally in remembrance of Walter Rodney, expressing solidarity with the Grenada Revolution as a result of today's events. The progressive trade union movement in Trinidad and Tobago while holding a massive rally in Fyzabad this evening in Trinidad, also expressed their firmest solidarity and support with the Grenada Revolution. The Antigua Caribbean Liberation Movement and the leadership, under Tim Hector, have already sent us two cables of firm solidarity. There is no doubt that the freedom-loving people of the Caribbean want to see our Revolution go forward.


Let imperialism, let local reaction, let counter revolution hear this from the people, that for every one of us they kill ten thousand more will come forward to carry the struggle on. Today, as we commemorated young Alister Strachan's murder and as we stood by the graveside in Calivigny thinking of the young comrade who was murdered three years ago, we saw passing before us twenty five more young pioneers who came forward to continue the struggle—twenty-five more young pioneers ready to fill the place of that young comrade. When will imperialism learn? Yes, they can kill our bodies but they can never kill the spirit of a people fighting for their liberation, they can never kill the spirit of a people fighting for their country and fighting to push their country forward.

Next year on this same date as we commemorate the anniversary of Tubal Uriah (Buzz) Butler, of Alister Strachan of Laurine and Laurice, two newest Martyrs, we know that instead of twenty five pioneers we will have twenty five thousand more pioneers, more members of the National Youth Organization, of the National Women's Organization, of the Militia, more and more of our people will come forward in order to ensure that our struggle continues.

Before I end I want to say that I have just been passed a cable which has just come from Jamaica from the People's National Party expressing its deepest shock at the assassination attempts and also its deepest shock at the murders, these foul and cowardly and gross murders of our young Grenadians which were committed today. We thank these comrades as we thank the other comrades.

We think of the other families who are right now praying and hoping and begging for the lives of those on the critical list m our hospital, but most of all we think of the courage of our people and we know that the sacrifice that was made today will not go in vain. Those murderers will pay for what they have done. Imperialism will see us fight back. They will learn to respect the will and the fighting spirit of the Grenadian people and the Grenadian Revolution.








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