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NJM Manifesto -


Regional Affairs

We support completely the political and economic integration of the Caribbean. But, like with Independence, we believe in real and genuine integration of all the peoples of the Caribbean- for the benefit of all the people.

We support the integration of the economies of the islands under ownership and control of the people of these islands. We oppose the present trend of integrating those economies to make it easier for foreign companies to exploit us.

We have witnessed over the past 20 years Federation, Little 8, Little 7, Unitary Statehood with Trinidad, and the Grenada Declaration among others. The reason they have all failed is that at no stage were the people consulted or involved in nay of those attempts at Caribbean Unity.

The present Caribbean Common Market (CARICOM) is no different. here, too, the people have been completely shut out from any participation in its planning, beginning or present operation.

We will work towards ensuring that CARICOM becomes a meaningful reality.

Our policy on imports of goods that we do not produce ourselves will be to try first of all to buy these goods from our Brothers in the other islands of the Caribbean. Any goods which they do not make we will import from fellow Third World countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Only as a last resort for goods that we cannot get anywhere else will we buy from the imperialist countries like North America and Europe who are rich enough already from exploiting us for too long.

Through our proposal for joint ownership of the airline and shipping lines serving the region by the governments of the region, we expect a large reduction in the cost of travel between the islands. This will mean that the workers of the different islands will have the opportunity to travel, presently the privilege of the middle and upper classes.

We believe that these tiny islands of ours should abolish the need in regional travel for passports, travel permits, airport and ticket taxes and other ridiculous restrictions and politically motivated bans on individuals.

International Affairs

We stand firmly committed to a nationalist, anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist position.

We fully support the Organisation of Non-Aligned Nations in their courageous attempts to prevent big-power domination of their economies and internal politics, and propose to join that Organisation at the earliest opportunity.

For as long as the present composition of the OAS is maintained, we will not apply for admission to that body.

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the intervention of the U.S.A. in the internal affairs of the South East Asian countries and the genocidal practices being committed on their peoples. We support in particular the heroic struggle of the people of Vietnam and Cambodia. We reject the right of the U.S.A. or any other big power to control the economies and lives of any people anywhere.

We support fully the liberation struggles being waged by our African Brothers in South Africa, S.W. Africa, Rhodesia, Mozambique, Angola and Guinea-Bissau for self-determination.

As a priority, we would ban all imports from South Africa, S.W. Africa and Portugal or its colonies and would cut off all trading and other ties with these countries. None of the nationals of these countries will be allowed access or entry to our island.

We will not allow the nationals of countries with racist laws designed to keep out Black people, such as the United Kingdom or the U.S.A. to have free, open and unrestricted entry into our island.

We deplore the rampant racism that our fellow West Indians and other Black Brothers suffer in America, Britain and Canada, and will give them whatever concrete support we can.

We salute the just and heroic struggle being waged on Caribbean soil by progressive forces here. We are confident of our eventual victory.

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