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NJM and the Taking of Power

No Government can continue to function in the face of the organised opposition and mobilisation of the people. When a Government ceases to serve the people and instead steals from and exploits the people at every turn, the people are entitled to dissolve it and replace it by another by any means necessary.

Very few people in Grenada today believe that it would be possible for power to be transferred from the corrupt Gairy Regime by means of an election. Indeed many people feel certain that for as long as this Regime holds power Elections will never be held in the island again. It is clear to us of the NJM that even if an Election was held tomorrow morning, it would be carefully rigged to prevent the people's choice from coming to power. The evidence of the 1972 Elections and the premise of even greater irregularities and corruption after Independence justifies this view and is clear for all to see.

Very few people in Grenada today need convincing that the island is in a total absolute mess. To all of us, the most fundamental, urgent, and crucial question is the taking of political power by the organised people so as to clear up this mess and to set the island back on course.

The NJM proposes to hold in the near future a National Congress of the People to work out the best strategy for taking power.

Towards the New Life and the New Society

We have attempted to show in this Manifesto what is possible. We have demonstrated beyond doubt that there is no reason why we should continue to live in such poverty, misery, suffering, dependence and exploitation.

We must stress that this document is not meant to be a final blueprint for magical change. Some of these views will need to be modified or changed after further consultation with the people and with our National Co-ordinating Council of Delegates. These views, however, do represent the present thinking of the Bureau of the NJM, and we are happy to stand by them. But, until the people take power and implement a planned approach to the economy of the island, after undertaking surveys of our potential resources, the precise timing and implementation of these proposals and the final shape they take can not be exactly known.

To create the new life for the new man in the society, it is necessary that we reject the present economic and political system which we live under. More than this, we need to construct an entirely new system of values where the lust for money, power, and individual selfish gain are no longer the motivating factors. The creation of this new man demands the transformation of the minds and hearts of each and every one of us.

In the new society, our people will be encouraged to give full expression to their sporting, artistic and dramatic expressions. We will encourage local drama, art, native dancing, sports, calypso and steelband, and active assistance will be given to groups already engaged in these pursuits.

The new society must not only speak of Democracy, but must practise it in all its aspects. We must stress the policy of “Self-Reliance” and “Self-Sufficiency” undertaken co-operatively, and reject the easy approaches offered by aid and foreign assistance. We will have to recognise that our most important resource is our people.

Under the new society, students and youth can no longer be regarded as a class separate and apart from the rest of the community. Our aim will be to create an environment where it will be possible for students to be regarded also as workers and workers as students. The new system of values will demand that youth and students make a material contribution to society even while they study. Their preparation will be for entry into a real world where they must join other workers in creating and producing.

We must recognise that Agriculture is, and must be, the real basis of our development. Our people will have to be provided with material and spiritual incentives in their own interest and for their own development.

In the new society, all our people will be encouraged to find answers to the questions:-Who are we? What is the nature of our condition? Why are we in that condition? What can we do to change that condition? What can we change it to? We will together search to find answers to the questions: What do we want? Why do we want that? How can we get what we want? What must we do to make sure we keep what we achieve? We will develop attitudes which will always encourage us to ask questions and move us to find meaningful and lasting solutions. Our real enemies will always be exposed while we will always strive to work closely with our Brothers and Sisters in the Third World. The aim will be to encourage our people always to demonstrate true solidarity with our Brothers; always to strive to find our real identity; always to work harder and harder at developing a true national consciousness, and a real and meaningful integration of the entire Caribbean area. Our Grenadian Brothers and Sisters overseas, in particular, will be encouraged to join hands with us here to build a better land for our children and our children's children.

We know that none of this is possible under the present setup. our first task therefore is the destruction of Gairyism and the system it represents. To this end, we of the New Jewel Movement dedicate ourselfs.


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