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CARRIACOU: A Forgotten Island

Agricultural Development for Carriacou

Because of the long period of neglect with which Agriculture has been faced, the island should receive both direct and indirect benefits from the reconstruction programme. The indirect benefits should flow from the programme in Grenada. However, a specific programme for the island should include the following:-

Livestock - General improvement in livestock husbandry through better pasture management, rotational grazing, better grasses, adjustment in the stocking rate based on the carrying capacity of the pastures. Provision of an Abbatoir with chilling facilities and the air-lifting of beef, pork, lamb and mutton to Grenada. Outlets will be provided through the supermarkets, hotels, local meat stalls, etc. There will therefore be little need for farmers to travel to Grenada with animals on the hoof for sale to face all the problems that this system entails. However, to meet this situation if it does arise, holding paddocks should be set up in Grenada where animals would be fed and housed until sold.

Limes - Improvement in the cultivation practices and restoration of the Dunfries factory to provide facilities for the production of lime juice and lime oil.

Cotton - Introduction of better agronomic practices in the cultivation of the crop and a possible change from the production of the Marie Galante cotton variety to the more lucrative Sea Island Cotton variety. The utilization of cotton seed for soil production and the “cake” as a stock feed. This cotton will be used as the basis of our local textile and garment industry.

Soil and Water Conservation Programme - This to be administered through the Conservation Authority and will include the establishment of large earthen dams in all possible catchment areas. The water resources so developed should be used to further expand the livestock and agricultural potential of the island through irrigation. Among other things, it would give a fillip to the production of our of season vegetables to supply Grenada and regional markets. Crops envisaged include: tomatoes, beans, okras, cabbages, carrots, onions, beet, garlic, watermelons, etc. Crops to be properly graded, packaged, then air-lifted to their destination.

Local Assemblies - We propose that the people of Carriacou and Petit Martinique will run these islands in their local Assemblies. Petit Martinique can have one local Assembly while Carriacou will have at least six. These Assemblies, together will elect four representatives to the National Assembly. In addition, the Assembly Council for Carriacou and Petit Martinique will be given greater agreed powers than the Assembly Councils in Grenada.

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