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In 1983, the United States was part of Grenada's history.
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"The stories that succeed most compellingly in accounting for the 'facts' of a people's past become the core of that people's political community."

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"Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters."

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13 March 1979,
Radio Free Grenada,
Maurice Bishop,
Address to the Nation

Brothers and Sisters,

This is Maurice Bishop speaking.

At 4.15 am this morning, the People's Revolutionary Army seized control of the army barracks at True Blue.

The barracks were burned to the ground. After half-an-hour struggle, the forces of Gairy's army were completely defeated, and surrendered.

Every single soldier surrendered, and not a single member of the revolutionary forces was injured.

At the same time, the radio station was captured without a shot being fired. Shortly after this, several cabinet ministers were captured in their beds by units of the revolutionary army.

A number of senior police officers, including Superintendent Adonis Francis, were also taken into protective custody.

At this moment, several police stations have already put up the white flag of surrender.

Revolutionary forces have been dispatched to mop up any possible source of resistance or disloyalty to the new government.

I am now calling upon the working people, the youths, workers, farmers, fishermen, middle-class people, and women to join our armed revolutionary forces at central positions in your communities and to give them any assistance which they call for.

Virtually all stations have surrendered. I repeat. We restress, resistance will be futile. don't be misled by Bogo DeSouze or Cosmos Raymond into believing that there are any prospects of saving the dictator Gairy.

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